An unusual trip to Boten!


How do you fancy some Belgian chocolate? What about a German beer or some French biscuits? Then Boten on the Chinese – Laos boarder is the place to visit, but wait, there’s something you should know about Boten…. At the height of its fame Boten played host to nearly 10,000 gamblers and pleasure seekers. Chinese […]

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Rice paddies at sunset

Sunset over the rice fields

The iconic rice fields of Asia conjure some of the most beautiful imagery you can hope to experience during a visit. Here in Luang Namtha, it’s quite literally on your doorstep. Pop out on a bike either end of the main street and immerse yourself in a picture postcard of lush greenery as farmers tend […]

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In search of the golden stupas

Luang Nathma is home to two beautiful golden stupas, That Luang Namtha and That Phum Phuk that should not be missed while visiting here. The original stupas were built in the 17th century to symbolise and commemorate the friendship between Sy Sod So Tammikarad King of Xieng Sean (Xieng Sean the present day north of […]

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First impressions of Luang Namtha

Pretty red flower after a short storm

We’ve been here for over a week now and it has to be said, Luang Namtha is one of those places that immediately feels like home. Everyone’s friendly and although there is the obvious language barrier, we’ve found it very easy to get by with broad gestures (mainly pointing at food) and big smiles. The staff […]

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Volunteering at Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant

Volunteering at Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant was an amazing experience, an unique way to get in touch with the local day to day life in Luang Namtha and to make a difference while traveling the world. Although most of the staff can’t really maintain long conversations in English yet, we felt welcome and had great […]

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While in town…

Luang Namtha is a region blessed with fantastic landscape, exuberant untouched nature, as well as an unique richness and diversity of human culture, and all of this can be experienced by stepping just a few meters out of town. But if you’re staying in town for a longer period, like we did, there’s always an […]

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Cycling visit to Nam Dee waterfall

Luang Namtha district is home to a number of hidden gems that can be easily accessed by short rides from the town. Along the main street you’ll find a number of agencies from which you can rent bicycles or motorcycles, depending how far you’d like to go and how fit you’re feeling that day. It […]

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Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant needs YOUR help!

All of the information you see here on Luang Namtha Guide is brought to you for free, by Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant. Due to the political unrest in Thailand, Bamboo Lounge is currently seeking help to keep our training restaurant and free information service running. Please spare $1 for us to keep Luang Namtha Guide […]

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Luang Namtha’s Nam Ha river

Luang Namtha south east asia travel

The most common river people kayak down in Luang Namtha is the Nam Tha river. This river has many small rapids and villages to visit and is an easy (grade 1) river to kayak. If you kayak with a company that really goes into the Nam Ha NPA (i.e. not behind Luang Namtha township where there […]

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