The Road to Muang Sing

Although I would love to be able to tell you all about what I am sure is the beautifully quaint, friendly town of Muang Sing, I’m afraid I can’t. I never made it that far. The farthest I got was the stupa, which sits upon a hill watching over the town, giving an incredible view […]

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15 Reasons Why Luang Namtha Province Is The Best Of Laos

Luang Namtha trekking

After traveling all around Southeast Asia, Laos is definitely a highlight for many, but for us coming back to Luang Namtha really hits home that this northern province is the best of Laos! Here’s why: 1. We have the BEST roads in Laos making transit far easier than the rest of the country and self […]

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The Slow Boat vs. Northern Laos

There are 2 popular ways to get to Luang Prabang, Laos from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand: The slow boat; a crammed, diesel chugging, sweltering jaunt down the increasingly developed Mekong river including passing through dams and sitting on hard wooden seats for 2 days solid. Venturing overland via Luang Namtha through […]

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How To Get To Luang Namtha?

Nam Tha river and the Nam Ha NPA jungle

Naturally beautiful and ethnically diverse Luang Namtha province is situated at the northwest tip of Laos with Luang Namtha town and the famous Nam Ha national park at its centre. It is a town with many choices for accommodation and places to eat and provides an excellent base to get out and explore the surrounding […]

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10 Reasons To Choose Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha's ethnic diversity

Laos is a very spread out country so, if you come to Laos for a holiday there are many options of places to visit. This is why you should seriously consider choosing to come to  Luang Namtha in the countries far north: 1. The food! The food of forested northern Laos is some of the […]

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Luang Namtha By Bike

Luang Namtha traffic jam

Luang Namtha town is situated in a huge rice and river covered valley; surrounded on all sides by stunning emerald green mountains. The mountains are where the Nam Ha NPA is located (and most can’t be biked up because there are no roads), but there are plenty of local attractions to see by bicycle or […]

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Rainy Season in Luang Namtha

Rainy season sunset over the rice fields

Rainy season has well and truly arrived here in Luang Namtha, with the days generally being warm to hot, and then being cooled by a welcome rain that usually lasts less than an hour. We don’t get the monsoon rains here that many other parts of South East Asia get, our wet season means that […]

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Spider eating Gecko

Spiker eating Gecko - Laos is awesome!

OK, just a really quick post today; just thought this was awesome!  We were eating dinner and saw the plant next to us moving…. because this spider was eating a gecko!  Awesome stuff.  I love this country!

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Nam De Waterfall

Nam De Waterfall in Luang Namtha, Northern Laos

About 5 minutes out of Luang Namtha town is a pretty waterfall named Nam De, meaning Good Water.  It’s a popular place to visit because it’s so close to town yet so far away – once there you feel like you are a million miles from any kind of modern conveniences and you’re surrounded by […]

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