Boun Awk Phansa – The end of Buddhist Lent

Boun Awk Phansa is the last day of Buddhist lent. It happens each year in October, three lunar months after Khao Phansa on the 15th day of the 11th month of the lunar calendar. This year Boun Awk Phansa falls tomorrow, 12th October, and one of the best places to see this festival in Laos […]

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Hmong tribe

Beautiful Hmong Children in Luang Namtha

In Laos there are many ‘minority’ tribes – so called because they are not ethnic Lao, however minority tribes make up over 55% of Lao’s population so while individually the tribes are a minority, collectively they are in fact the majority.  With over 230 different ethnic tribes in northern Laos alone, I will cover first […]

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Abundant Life in Luang Namtha

I am constantly amazed by Luang Namtha.  Every direction you look in, life is abundant – spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars,  beetles, unidentified insects and more are found all the time here.  Entomologists flock to Luang Namtha province because it is well known to them that if you want to discover a new species (or ten!), […]

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Kao Rao Cave

Vieng Poukha, Luang Namtha Cave

Kao Rao Cave is about an hour our of Luang Namtha, near a small town called Vieng Poukha.  When we visited this cave we were thoroughly impressed; not only is it easy to navigate with a guide, the walking ‘path’ through the cave is mostly level and flat, with only a couple of sections where […]

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Silk from Silkworms

Thong and Paet took us to visit Paet’s village (she is Black Tai tribe) where they had collected silkworms in their silk cocoons, and were getting the silk off them to use for weaving. They put the silkworms into a pot of boiling water and as they boil they pull a thread off the cocoon […]

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Attending our first ‘Baby Party’

Thong’s brother and his wife had their second baby girl 2 weeks ago and they named her Noi.  We were invited to attend her blessing ceremony (sukwan string or bai si or baci ceremony) where the baby and her family are blessed and wished good luck for their futures.  The purpose of the tying of […]

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Welcome to Luang Namtha Guide

Hello!!  Our names are Andrej and Karen Brummer.  We have been in Luang Namtha now on and off for about 7 months.  We are totally, utterly in love with this place, and want to stay here as long as we can.  Before our first time here, we spent time on the internet searching for information […]

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Last week in Luang Namtha for now

Karen and Dre - Luang Namtha Guide

The following is a blog post we wrote before setting up Luang Namtha Guide, to share some of our experiences here in Luang Namtha. We have travelled with chickens before, goslings, songbirds, a goat, but never before a pig. Until now. It started off alright, we found out on the morning we left that we […]

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One year in Asia

One year ago today, 10th June 2010, we landed in Bali and began our Asian Adventure. In the past year, we have seen and experienced more than we could have imagined before we left home. The year has been filled with contrasts – both highlights and lowlights, too many to mention, but here are a […]

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Project Laos: Helping Luang Namtha

For a while now we have been making plans to help the people of Luang Namtha with their trekking agencies, and teach them what tourists are looking for, how to market the business and how to attract people in and most importantly, to tell tourists what is unique about their own trekking agencies.  So for […]

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