Ben and Lauren visit us

Our good friends Ben and Lauren from Sydney were our first official visitors to see us in Luang Namtha. For the days they were here we all had a ball, one of the best things for us was the simple pleasure of being able to talk to people in proper English and have them understand […]

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Motorbiking around Luang Namtha

We again decided to spend some time biking around Luang Namtha province.  And even though we had decided we wouldn’t go back to Muang Sing this time, the temptation was too hard to resist! We absolutely love riding around on these deserted roads, usually the only other traffic is animals or other bikes, so it […]

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Kayaking in the Nam Ha NPA

Laos kayaking, Luang Namtha kayaking, South East Asia kayaking

Thong phoned us a couple of nights ago to invite us to go kayaking on the Nam Tha and Nam Ha rivers in the NPA (National Protected Area).  We jumped at the chance to go on the famed river. The Nam Ha river was even more beautiful than we imagined – definitely, without doubt the […]

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Out and about in Luang Namtha

kayaking Laos, kayaking Luang Namtha, kayaking South East Asia

Our first couple of weeks in Luang Namtha have been really good. We have spent quite a bit of time around the river this time, exploring the walking tracks and getting lost, finding the newly planted rice fields and generally seeing the local life outside of the town. It’s been interesting and amazing to think […]

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Totally addicted to Laos

It would seem that we can’t stay away from Laos for too long. We have spent the past month longing for several things in Laos; the amazing, kind, gentle, friendly people, the delicious food, walking down any street and being greeted with smiles and ‘Sabaidee!’, and just the general laidback-ness of the place. Yesterday we […]

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Market Madness

After a recent skype conversation with some good friends Nick and Amber, we promised Nick we would do a blog post on the foods at the local markets. So Nick, brace yourself, here are many, many photos of the markets. Also let it be noted, that taking photos of the meat (or should I say […]

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Vang Vieng

Our one or two planned nights in Vang Vieng turned into six nights when Karen got too sick to travel. (First sickness in 4.5 months of travelling though so not complaining!) By the end of our time there we both felt kind of vindicated in our original decision to not go to Vang Vieng – […]

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Kuang Si Waterfall

On our last day in Luang Prabang we quickly realised we had saved the best for last. We got a car and driver to take us to the largest waterfall in Luang Prabang early so that we were there before any other people arrived. We didn’t realise before we got there that there is also […]

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Many monks and temples

We have been really lucky to see the monks collecting their alms a few times. We are staying within about 100 metres to 5 different temples and so there is an abundance of monks here. The only sight we see during the day is monks walking past with their umbrellas, and only a few cars […]

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