Our blessing ceremony

The past week we’ve had dinners with friends and celebrations pretty much every day. Firstly Shahu, our favourite Indian chef invited us for a special Indian dinner at his restaurant, then Thong and Paet organised a blessing ceremony for us so that we have safe travels until we meet again, and we also had a […]

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Coming “home”

When we arrived back in Luang Namtha we instantly knew that it was the right decision to be here.  It has felt like we have returned home – we have been looking for somewhere like Luang Namtha ever since we left and haven’t yet found it.  We completed our ‘circle’ of Luang Namtha – Nong […]

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Nam Ou and Mekong River Trip

The day before we were going on the river trip down the Nam Ou and Mekong rivers, we all went to the port in Nong Khiaw to negotiate chartering a boat to Luang Prabang. After speaking to several boat owners/drivers, we agreed with one of them that we would come back at 9.30am the next […]

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