Welcome to Luang Namtha Guide

Hello!!  Our names are Andrej and Karen Brummer.  We have been in Luang Namtha now on and off for about 7 months.  We are totally, utterly in love with this place, and want to stay here as long as we can.  Before our first time here, we spent time on the internet searching for information on Luang Namtha and found that there was very little.  Since then, we have left several times, missed this place so much that we’ve come back 8 times, spent a LOT of time exploring the area, and met many travellers.

We have been amazed at the huge increase in travellers coming here – it seems word is spreading fast about this amazing town.  And since we now have people coming to town actually looking for us, we thought it was about time that we started a website to help people learn about Luang Namtha before they get here, to give correct information, and just to generally help out.  We know a lot about Luang Namtha and it’s surrounding area, and we’re learning more all the time, so why not share our knowledge?

A few months back, after getting to know many of the locals in town, and having many adventures with them, we started to help out in a very small way by writing people’s signs in English (have a look around town – is that handwriting starting to look familiar? 😉 ) and after a while we sort of ‘accidentally’ fell into helping a few people more than that.

We are mainly teaching the local community about western standards when it comes to organisation, cleanliness, hygiene, customer service and stuff like that.  This is because the local people are pleading with us to do so!  We have inadvertently become the famous crazy falang (foreigners) who the locals know because we love and stay in Luang Namtha.  Everyone who makes a new sign now gets us to check their English, people who want to cook western food ask us to teach them how to cook it.

It’s a much bigger project than we originally anticipated, and it’s also way more fun than we could have imagined.

So, from here on we will attempt to write about our adventures in Luang Namtha and in Laos in general, as well as provide our personal recommendations about cool stuff to see and do.  There is SO much to see around here, after 7 months we are still finding things we haven’t done before and we still have a list of stuff we want to do.  We’ve included some of our blog posts below so you can see what we’ve been up to here and a bit more about what we like doing.

If you come to town, please come and visit us, we mostly hang out in the green building in the centre of the main street… you can’t miss us, it’s one of  most fun our projects to date.  Comfy chairs, western music, the only green building… come and say hi 🙂 .

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