Kao Rao Cave

Vieng Poukha, Luang Namtha Cave

Kao Rao Cave is about an hour our of Luang Namtha, near a small town called Vieng Poukha.  When we visited this cave we were thoroughly impressed; not only is it easy to navigate with a guide, the walking ‘path’ through the cave is mostly level and flat, with only a couple of sections where you need to climb over rocks or use a ladder to continue progressing through the cave.  Many caves in Laos tend to be very adventurous, slippery, and sometimes slightly dangerous as you slip and slide in the mud into the cave walls.  Kao Rao on the other hand is very user friendly.

Vieng Poukha, Luang Namtha Cave

To get the most from your visit you really do need to visit on a tour with an English speaking guide.  You can’t enter the cave without a guide (and you wouldn’t want to – there are many places you would get lost!) and the resident guide who lives near the cave entrance speaks only Lao.  He is a wealth of information and is extremely proud of the cave – and the information he tells you makes your visit vastly more interesting – which is why an English translator is really a must.   If you are interested in booking a tour out to the Kao Rao Cave from Luang Namtha, currently there is just one operator in town who can do this for you:  Forest Retreat Laos.

Click here to view photos of Kao Rao cave.

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