Buddhist Lent ending celebrations continue…

Loi Krotung festival in Luang Namtha

Wow, what an amazing evening we had letting off lantens, watching the ‘rocket’ fireworks and seeing the first boats – the same boats that we put our offerings to the temple in this morning – be launched into the river for good luck. We also set banana tree & flower ‘boats’ into the water, the act which removes all of the bad from your life and welcomes good things including your wishes and dreams to come to you.

Our friends at Forest Retreat Laos were the only people in town to show tourists the way down to the river to be part of the celebrations, so we tagged along with them.

When the main temple boat came down, carried by monks and the temple carers, there was an awesome drumming ceremony as well.

The peaceful, joyous atmosphere made for one of the most awesome nights we’ve had in Luang Namtha, that coupled with an amazing morning we had made the whole day fantastic.

Loi Krotung festival in Luang Namtha
The community celebrate together the releasing of bad and the welcoming of good – it’s such a lovely concept and everyone seems to firmly believe that today is a blessed day with Buddha looking down and granting all wishes – it was amazing to be a part of this.

The festival is celebrating many things – the finish of rainy season, the full moon, the harvetst of the rice, Buddhist Lent finishing, and bringing good luck for the coming year.

Our photos are here – some video will follow soon. For now we are off to the Dragon Boat racing! We will update about this tomorrow.

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