Mountain Guesthouse, Vieng Poukha

Bungalow at Mountain Guesthouse

Bungalow at Mountain Guesthouse

We recently stayed in Vieng Poukha for a few nights and after looking in every guesthouse in town, decided on Mountain Guesthouse because of

  • it’s quiet location on top of a hill
  • the beautiful view
  • the most modern bathroom in Vieng Poukha (still not a flush toilet though, you have to scoop water from a bucket to flush the toilet)
  • nicest, large room
  • large balcony to hang out on overlooking the view
  • individual bungalows for privacy

So yeah, it has quite a lot going for it.  The bed was comfortable and a good size (some of the guesthouses we looked in had sort of like a king single bed and called it a double).  Vieng Poukha has really only become a place that a few people stay recently.  It has just 5 small guesthouses, limited water supply (where the water is only available from the tap at certain times of the day), and limited electricity.  That said, if you’re looking for somewhere to get away from it all, and be very close to the Nam Ha National Protected Area like we were, then Vieng Poukha is perfect.  They don’t even have internet so it was just us and nature.  Awesome.

The owner at Mountain Guesthouse was super friendly, bringing her daughter ‘Fanta’ to play with us falang once a day.  There is also a cool walking path behind the guesthouse that takes you through local land down to the Nam Chouk river with great views along the way.

Overall this is our top choice for somewhere to stay in Vieng Poukha if you’re looking for serenity and some comfort.

There is currently no way to book in advance – if this changes in future I will update this page.

To have a look inside the rooms and see the view at Mountain Guesthouse, click here.

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