Rainy Season in Luang Namtha

Rainy season sunset over the rice fields

Rainy season sunset over the rice fields

Rainy season has well and truly arrived here in Luang Namtha, with the days generally being warm to hot, and then being cooled by a welcome rain that usually lasts less than an hour. We don’t get the monsoon rains here that many other parts of South East Asia get, our wet season means that the rain cools us off, and we get to see a lot of cool insects!

This is definitely the time of year entomologists visit to discover new insects; we’ve been told that this is the place to come if you want to have something named after you, simply because there is such a diverse range of yet unclassified insects here.

It is also the time the rice fields begin to become green again; you can see farmers ploughing their fields, planting their rice, and the ocean of rice becoming whole once more.

Most tourists come to South East Asia during the winter months of November – March, which also means than coming at this time of year means you get everything to yourself.  Don’t want to share the stupa?  Come in wet season.  Here in Luang Namtha we are really lucky to have a much milder climate than the rest of SEA, being only 1 hour from China and 700m above sea level, we enjoy medium – hot days in summer (25-35 deg C) and it gets really cold (5 deg C) overnight in winter.

This week has seen another influx of intellegent travellers – they know it’s not too hot this far north and are taking advantage of the low season.  So if you’re wondering where in Asia to go in summer time, come see us in Luang Namtha.

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