Lai’s Place

Lai's food in Luang Namtha

Lai's Place, Luang NamthaOur friend Lai has a small restaurant in Luang Namtha simply called “Lai’s place”. Close to the main road Lai has some pretty good food on her menu. And she also has some western food that is actually done correctly.

She is a young Black Tai (Tai Dam) mother of one who cooks at her restaurant/store with her younger sister Noi, their customer service is attentive and the food comes out in record time.

Lai's BurgersLai wanted burgers on her menu, and she wanted to cook them correctly (western style), so she asked us to help, so we recently taught Lai how to cook Luang namtha’s first proper hamburgers. She now has such burger delights as vegetarian burger (tofu, egg, cheese, carrot, lettuce mushroom and tomato), cheeseburger, bacon and egg burger (with real imported bacon) and chicken burger on her menu. We worked very closely with her to explain exactly what and how much to put on the burgers to make them especially delicious, we even drew up diagrams!

Lai's Place, Food in Luang NamthaNot only burgers, Lai has some great local Lao food and also makes the best Pad Thai and spring rolls with Peanut sauce in town. Other specialties are her thai curries, fried rice, rice soup, sticky rice pancakes with fruit and honey, homemage ginger juice with honey and traditional northern Lao noodle dishes.

We recommend you should eat a meal at Lai’s place on your next visit to Luang Namtha, tell Lai we sent you!

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