Dry Season in Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha Attractions

The dry season, usually between November and April, is the busiest time of year in Luang Namtha. People mostly come for the main attraction of the area; trekking and kayaking in the Nam Ha NPA. When the jungle is drier and the temperature is cool makes dry season ideal for these activities.

Hard at work harvesting rice in Luang NamthaDry season here means cold nights, and waking up each morning to a mist covered valley which doesn’t usually lift until about 10am ish. At this time, the sun seems to reach a certain heat and within 5 minutes you can watch the mist burn off to reveal another stunning blue sky day.

The beginning of dry season is the opportunity to witness the rice harvest; a fascinating process that is very hard work for the rice farmers and ensures food for the coming year ahead.

Forest Retreat Laos trekking in the Nam Ha NPAThis is the time of year when it becomes much easier to get a group together for an adventure into the jungle and the most popular trips combine kayaking with trekking, and sleeping in a jungle camp and/or an ethnic minority village.

Trekking in the Nam Ha NPA is challenging, and also very rewarding. The terrain is steep both up and down, and can be slippery in places. This is where a well trained professional guide is invaluable; they will guide you through the tricky spots and help you learn the trade secrets of the jungle.

Luang Namtha AttractionsKayaking on the other hand is quite chilled out. You float with the current of the river and have stunning views of the jungle for the entire day. Most kayaking trips include stops at some different ethnic minority villages, so this is a great way to combine seeing the NPA with a cultural experience. During dry season the rapids are small, so the Nam Tha river is perfect for beginners or people who just want a relaxing day soaking up the beauty of nature.

Dry season also means activities like cycling are much more pleasant, as the days don’t get too hot. Motorbiking in the mornings or evenings can be a chilly activity, so make sure you have something warm to protect you from the rush of cold air.

Overall this is a great time to experience the beauty of Luang Namtha with a wide range of activities on offer to you. Make sure you spend some time relaxing in Forest Retreats Bamboo Lounge too, when you’re far from home it’s a great place to have some comfort foods and have the rare chance while in south east Asia to sit in some comfy armchairs while listening to good music and catching up on your emails.

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