Rambo Fusion

I would like to present Rambo Fusion with two awards, for quirkiest name and best BBQ in Luang Namtha.

I guess it was the air of mystery that attracted Lizzie and I to Rambo, the name giving away little about the food and the location out of view from any road. We had been talking about going for a while, but didn’t really expect much. When we got there though, we were pleasantly surprised. The layout is very well done with enclosed booths for each group and lots of plant growth all around. The staff welcomed us instantly and seemed very pleased to get some Western customers. As is the case with most restaurants in Asia, the menu provided some entertainment. We decided to try beef breast and pig breast as our BBQ meats.

Before the food arrives, the barbecue must be assembled. This consists of a bucket of coals in the middle of the table and a metallic pyramid on top. You are then brought your chosen meats along with glass noodles, egg noodles and more vegetables than I care to mention. Not forgetting, of course, the obligatory Beerlao.

This style of barbecue can be seen in many parts of Asia. The idea is that you fry the meat on the slope of the pyramid, and all the juices run into the broth around the outside, which is where you cook the noodles and vegetables. By the end of the meal, the broth becomes the most flavoursome soup, definitely worth eating a few less noodles to save space for.

 All in all the experience was great. The meat was good quality, the vegetables plentiful, and the surroundings pleasant. The concept of cooking your own food also makes the whole thing good fun, especially if you’re in a group. If you come to Luang Namtha, you should spend one night at Bamboo Lounge and one night at Rambo Fusion!

Empty plates and a satisfied customer

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