Rice Planting Season

Luang Namtha rice planting season

May and June represent rice planting season here in Luang Namtha, and also marks the beginning of the most beautiful time of year here.

Luang Namtha rice planting season

The planting of the rice itself is incredibly hard work – the fields need to be turned, re-shaped, water needs to be channelled in, the small plants are planted, and then thinned into the final product of spaced plants ready to be left to grow for the next few months.

Evenly spaced rice plants

All of this work involves long hours with rice-field-mud up to your knees, bending your back all day in the hot sun. This is why you see many rice field huts dotted througout the fields; these are also rebuilt each year to provide a resting place and shade for the farmers.

These fields are full of sticky rice, the staple grain consumed in Laos.  Without sticky rice, according to our Lao friends, you will not be strong or healthy, and you will never be full after eating.  So not only are the rice fields infinitely beautiful, they provide livelihood for the entire nation, and ensure the people are adequately fed throughout the year.

Visiting Luang Namtha during the wet season is now becoming increasingly popular as people begin to realise the immense beauty here during this time of year.

The wet season also means river rafting begins, as the river fills up with a lot more water and therefore is deep enough for rafting and has some exciting rapids.

As more people realise the wet season here is very enjoyable, and much less wet and hot than the rest of South East Asia, the area is getting busier.  Get here now to experience the beauty of Luang Namtha!

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