Forest Retreat’s Bamboo Lounge Restaurant = real western food

Luang Namtha's famous pizza oven

It’s official; Luang Namtha now has its own wood-fired pizza oven, it is even painted green and is decorated with Buddhas eyes, so you cannot miss it…

This iconic wood fired oven made from local clay has now served up thousands of authentic Italian (and not-so-Italian) pizzas to travelers and locals alike. The wood fired oven now baked fresh bread rolls and loaves daily as well as cakes and Lao Banana breads.

Northern Laos best pizza oven

The worlds most enlightened wood fired oven

So when you are in northern Laos if you get sick of sticky rice, or fried rice or rice noodles (it can actually happen 😉 ) and you are craving the comfort foods from home or have just got back from a 3 day trek in the Nam Ha NPA dreaming of cheese and bacon for the last 2 days…then Forest Retreat’s Bamboo Lounge restaurant can help you!

Bamboo Lounge is rated Luang Namtha’s #1 restaurant according to Tripadvisor, it has also won an excellence award for 2013 and an International Star Award for Quality.

Northern Laos best western food

BLET baguette; really good eating!

The concept behind  Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant is that it is a Lao and western collaboration. Western managers teach Lao staff English language, hospitality, customer service, hygiene and western standard cooking skills as part of their employment. Lao staff teach westerners about their culture, way of life and traditions.

Birthday cake

Even the locals enjoy real western food

Bamboo Lounge specialises in authentic western dishes. The drinks menu features a range of fresh roasted and ground espresso coffees, freshly squeezed juices and excellent western standard cocktails (with either local Lao lao rice whiskey varients or the real stuff).

Northern Laos best cocktails

Fresh fruit cocktails

For food you can have all day breakfasts, sandwiches on home made bread, authentic Italian pastas and wood fired pizzas or salads and other goodies like chat potatoes and risottos.  Their menu has many ingredients are either sourced from abroad or made from scratch like tomato pizza base, soups, pasta sauce, pesto, hummus and olive tapenade.

real cheese and bread? In Asia?

Mmmm,tuna melt on homemade bread…

There are many plants from the jungle, fast WiFi and the comfiest chairs and sofas in town. The service is quick, smiley and professional.

Northern laos best pizza

Pon cooks like an Italian!

So if you find yourself in Luang Namtha craving some REAL comfort food from home, follow the smell of freshly baked bread to Bamboo Lounge Laos.

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