While in town…

Luang Namtha is a region blessed with fantastic landscape, exuberant untouched nature, as well as an unique richness and diversity of human culture, and all of this can be experienced by stepping just a few meters out of town. But if you’re staying in town for a longer period, like we did, there’s always an opportunity to get in touch with the charming of it’s simplicity, observe the locals daily life and immerse yourself in Laos relaxed life style.


Main street

You should definitely check out both markets, the Morning one (they call it the morning market but it’s open until 5 PM, so no problem for you that was never truly an early bird), located just a few roads south of the town centre, and the Night one, a good option for affordable and authentic local food, centrally located in the main street right in the heart of Luang Namtha. The Pagoda on top of the hill behind town is also a good spot to watch the sun rise or set, offering panoramic views of the town and the rice fields that surrounds it.


The Morning market (at noon)


The Night market (late at night)

However, if you’ve done that already and you still got some time to spare, here’s our advice for an unconventional, yet very local experience: following any direction out of town you’ll soon be engulfed by endless rice plantations spreading until the foot of the mountains that surrounds Luang Namtha. Every now and then, near the road or even in the middle of the fields, you’ll also find some wooden shelters, like bungalows, used by the locals for relaxing or protecting from the sun or the rain.


A sea of rice

We found those to be the perfect spots to enjoy the sunset after a day of work in Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant, specially accompanied by the presence of some bottles of Beer Lao, the nation’s pride!

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