Dragon Boat Racing Festival

Dragon Boat Racing on the Nam Tha river, Luang Namtha

The tradition of racing Dragon Boats began when the day after the Buddhist Lent ceremony and Loi Krotung ceremony everyone would race down the river to the temple. These days, people walk, bicycle, motorbike or travel in a car to attend the famous event.  The Nam Tha river in Luang Namtha was lined with more […]

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Buddhist Lent ending celebrations continue…

Loi Krotung festival in Luang Namtha

Wow, what an amazing evening we had letting off lantens, watching the ‘rocket’ fireworks and seeing the first boats – the same boats that we put our offerings to the temple in this morning – be launched into the river for good luck. We also set banana tree & flower ‘boats’ into the water, the […]

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Boun Awk Phansa – The end of Buddhist Lent

Boun Awk Phansa is the last day of Buddhist lent. It happens each year in October, three lunar months after Khao Phansa on the 15th day of the 11th month of the lunar calendar. This year Boun Awk Phansa falls tomorrow, 12th October, and one of the best places to see this festival in Laos […]

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Phagneung Phoukulom Waterfall

Phagneung Phoukulom Waterfall in Luang Namtha Province

About and hour from Luang Namtha by road which winds through the beautiful National Protected Area is Phagneung Phoukulom Waterfall.  The walk into the waterfall is just under 1 kilometre and is mainly a level easy walk, with some small inclines and a few stairs to nagivate.  This is the only place where you can […]

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Abundant Life in Luang Namtha

I am constantly amazed by Luang Namtha.  Every direction you look in, life is abundant – spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars,  beetles, unidentified insects and more are found all the time here.  Entomologists flock to Luang Namtha province because it is well known to them that if you want to discover a new species (or ten!), […]

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Kao Rao Cave

Vieng Poukha, Luang Namtha Cave

Kao Rao Cave is about an hour our of Luang Namtha, near a small town called Vieng Poukha.  When we visited this cave we were thoroughly impressed; not only is it easy to navigate with a guide, the walking ‘path’ through the cave is mostly level and flat, with only a couple of sections where […]

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In love with Luang Namtha

Within moments of arriving back in Laos we were reminded of our love for this country. We had been offered food and drink, seats to sit in, and a shady umbrella all in our first 5 minutes back in the country. Then our driver suggested he would wait for us while we ate lunch… everyone […]

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Motorbiking around Luang Namtha

We again decided to spend some time biking around Luang Namtha province.  And even though we had decided we wouldn’t go back to Muang Sing this time, the temptation was too hard to resist! We absolutely love riding around on these deserted roads, usually the only other traffic is animals or other bikes, so it […]

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Kayaking in the Nam Ha NPA

Laos kayaking, Luang Namtha kayaking, South East Asia kayaking

Thong phoned us a couple of nights ago to invite us to go kayaking on the Nam Tha and Nam Ha rivers in the NPA (National Protected Area).  We jumped at the chance to go on the famed river. The Nam Ha river was even more beautiful than we imagined – definitely, without doubt the […]

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Muang Sing take #2

We decided to see Muang Sing the right way this time, and hired a motorbike for a few days for our 5th Wedding Anniversary both to ride there and also to explore the area on. The ride there is just breathtaking, and we were able to appreciate it a lot more from the motorbike than […]

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