15 Reasons Why Luang Namtha Province Is The Best Of Laos

Luang Namtha trekking

After traveling all around Southeast Asia, Laos is definitely a highlight for many, but for us coming back to Luang Namtha really hits home that this northern province is the best of Laos! Here’s why: 1. We have the BEST roads in Laos making transit far easier than the rest of the country and self […]

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The Luang Namtha Welcoming Party

Akha handicrafts are easy to find in Luang Namtha

Author: Ryan Crossett The Akha  people are a large ethnic group with populations in Lao, Thailand, Burma and China.  Here in Luang Namtha Akha women provide a service unlike any other.  They will give you the opportunity to shop for souvenirs while you are dining, visiting the night market or out walking.  They peddle an […]

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Go for the real local culinary experience

Hang out at Luang Namtha’s night market and enjoy local food and drinks You cannot leave Luang Namtha without spending at least one evening at Luang Namtha’s night market. If you want to experience an authentic local night out, this is the place to be. The night market of Luang Namtha opens every single day […]

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Luang Namtha’s morning market

Run into some crazy stuff on your stroll through the morning market Visiting Luang Namtha’s morning market is one of the best ways to get a glimpse of Lao local life. People from Luang Namtha and nearby villages come here to buy their fruits and vegetables, new clothes or tools like machetes. People from villages […]

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Doing An Ethnic Minority Village Homestay In Luang Namtha

Doing a homestay at a local ethnic minority village is an experience not to be missed while you are in Luang Namtha. One of the biggest draw-cards of visiting Luang Namtha is visiting some of the different minority tribes (the other is exploring the lush, untouched Nam Ha national protected area) as this area of […]

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Luang Namtha’s Amazing Ethnic Diversity

Luang Namtha is actually the most ethnically diverse area in all of South East Asia. So this means nowhere else in the entire subcontinent can you be in such close proximity to so many charming villages where the language, rituals, traditions, beliefs, dress and way of life of the inhabitants are so different and unique. […]

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Nam De Waterfall

Nam De Waterfall in Luang Namtha, Northern Laos

About 5 minutes out of Luang Namtha town is a pretty waterfall named Nam De, meaning Good Water.  It’s a popular place to visit because it’s so close to town yet so far away – once there you feel like you are a million miles from any kind of modern conveniences and you’re surrounded by […]

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Dragon Boat Racing Festival

Dragon Boat Racing on the Nam Tha river, Luang Namtha

The tradition of racing Dragon Boats began when the day after the Buddhist Lent ceremony and Loi Krotung ceremony everyone would race down the river to the temple. These days, people walk, bicycle, motorbike or travel in a car to attend the famous event.  The Nam Tha river in Luang Namtha was lined with more […]

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Buddhist Lent ending celebrations continue…

Loi Krotung festival in Luang Namtha

Wow, what an amazing evening we had letting off lantens, watching the ‘rocket’ fireworks and seeing the first boats – the same boats that we put our offerings to the temple in this morning – be launched into the river for good luck. We also set banana tree & flower ‘boats’ into the water, the […]

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1st morning of end of Buddhist Lent

Luang Namtha alms giving celebrations for the end of Buddhist Lent

We had a fantastic morning today for the celebrations of the end of Buddhist Lent. We got up at 5am to pay our respects at the temple, giving alms to the monks and being blessed for the upcoming year. We started off by filling our bowls with various items to give – you must give […]

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