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Hello!!  All information on Luang Namtha Guide is brought to you for free, by Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant, which employs young uneducated ethnic minority people and teaches them English and how to work in the tourism industry.

If you need information please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Luang Namtha Guide and Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant are created and supported by us, Andrej and Karen Brummer.  We first arrived in Luang Namtha in September 2010.  We were travelling around Asia and never for a second thought that a town could steal our hearts like Luang Namtha has.

We never even intended to stop anywhere long term!  We are totally, utterly in love with this place, and want to stay here as long as we can.  Before our first time here, we spent time on the internet searching for information on Luang Namtha and found that there was very little.

Since then, we left several times, missed this place so much that we spent 5 months here as tourists, during which time we spawned the idea of Bamboo Lounge, Luang Namtha Guide, and helped local business man Thong Ounnachoun create Forest Retreat Laos.  We have now lived here for 4 years, spent a LOT of time exploring the area, and met many travelers.

Karen and Dre - Luang Namtha Guide - with the Nam Tha river behind us

Since our first efforts to help Luang Namtha by writing every businesses sign in English, we have transformed Forest Retreat Eco-Tours into the now well known Forest Retreat Laos and grown their business into what it is today, set up the Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant, and support Luang Namtha’s Books in Schools programs with our profits.

We are mainly teaching the local community about western standards when it comes to organisation, cleanliness, hygiene, customer service and stuff like that.

It’s a much bigger project than we originally anticipated, and the number of people here in Luang Namtha whose lives have been touched by our project has made our time here very fulfilling and helped in ways we originally never thought of.

On Luang Namtha Guide we attempt to write about our adventures in Luang Namtha and in Laos in general, as well as provide our personal recommendations about cool stuff to see and do.

There is SO much to see around here!  Most travellers come to Luang Namtha intending to spend a few days and end up staying a lot longer.

If you come to town, please come and visit us, we mostly hang out in Bamboo Lounge – the green building in the centre of the main street… you can’t miss us;  comfy chairs, western music, the only green building… come and say hi 🙂 .