Night Market Sessions – Auntie La’s Whiskey

Even at first glance it’s clear that the night market in Luang Namtha has a lot to offer. Once drawn in by the noise and smells erupting from the many stalls, you quickly become a part of the vibrant communal atmosphere which sees everyone seated in the centre of the market tucking into whichever of […]

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The Luang Namtha Welcoming Party

Akha handicrafts are easy to find in Luang Namtha

Author: Ryan Crossett The Akha  people are a large ethnic group with populations in Lao, Thailand, Burma and China.  Here in Luang Namtha Akha women provide a service unlike any other.  They will give you the opportunity to shop for souvenirs while you are dining, visiting the night market or out walking.  They peddle an […]

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Luang Namtha’s Amazing Ethnic Diversity

Luang Namtha is actually the most ethnically diverse area in all of South East Asia. So this means nowhere else in the entire subcontinent can you be in such close proximity to so many charming villages where the language, rituals, traditions, beliefs, dress and way of life of the inhabitants are so different and unique. […]

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