Luang Namtha’s New Amandra Villa

Luang namtha Accomodation

Want to stay somewhere in Luang Namtha with a touch of class? The newly opened Amandra Villa could be a great option for you. It is located on the main road about 400m from the centre of town (towards the airport) close to where all the restaurants, major banks and night market are. Amandra Villa […]

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Night Market Sessions – Auntie La’s Whiskey

Even at first glance it’s clear that the night market in Luang Namtha has a lot to offer. Once drawn in by the noise and smells erupting from the many stalls, you quickly become a part of the vibrant communal atmosphere which sees everyone seated in the centre of the market tucking into whichever of […]

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Forest Retreat’s Bamboo Lounge Restaurant = real western food

Luang Namtha's famous pizza oven

It’s official; Luang Namtha now has its own wood-fired pizza oven, it is even painted green and is decorated with Buddhas eyes, so you cannot miss it… This iconic wood fired oven made from local clay has now served up thousands of authentic Italian (and not-so-Italian) pizzas to travelers and locals alike. The wood fired […]

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The Luang Namtha Welcoming Party

Akha handicrafts are easy to find in Luang Namtha

Author: Ryan Crossett The Akha  people are a large ethnic group with populations in Lao, Thailand, Burma and China.  Here in Luang Namtha Akha women provide a service unlike any other.  They will give you the opportunity to shop for souvenirs while you are dining, visiting the night market or out walking.  They peddle an […]

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Luang Namtha’s morning market

Run into some crazy stuff on your stroll through the morning market Visiting Luang Namtha’s morning market is one of the best ways to get a glimpse of Lao local life. People from Luang Namtha and nearby villages come here to buy their fruits and vegetables, new clothes or tools like machetes. People from villages […]

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The Slow Boat vs. Northern Laos

There are 2 popular ways to get to Luang Prabang, Laos from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand: The slow boat; a crammed, diesel chugging, sweltering jaunt down the increasingly developed Mekong river including passing through dams and sitting on hard wooden seats for 2 days solid. Venturing overland via Luang Namtha through […]

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Luang Namtha’s Valley Of Rice Is Very Nice

Most cities in the world have public parks with grass, a few ponds, maybe some ducks; all very landscaped and not really very natural looking…boring! Here in Luang Namtha, our “public park” (not to be confused with our huge jungle clad national protected area) is a dead flat 30 square km series of rice paddies  […]

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Rambo Fusion

I would like to present Rambo Fusion with two awards, for quirkiest name and best BBQ in Luang Namtha. I guess it was the air of mystery that attracted Lizzie and I to Rambo, the name giving away little about the food and the location out of view from any road. We had been talking […]

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Sightseeing Around Luang Namtha Town On 2 Wheels

Luang Namtha attractions

This blog post is inspired by one of our most common questions at Forest Retreat Laos from tourists to Luang Namtha “what is there to see and do around the town on bicycle?”… Luang Namtha town is situated on the western side of a huge, flat valley surrounded 360° by green, rolling mountains (with the […]

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Rainy Season in Luang Namtha

Rainy season sunset over the rice fields

Rainy season has well and truly arrived here in Luang Namtha, with the days generally being warm to hot, and then being cooled by a welcome rain that usually lasts less than an hour. We don’t get the monsoon rains here that many other parts of South East Asia get, our wet season means that […]

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