Night Market Sessions – Auntie La’s Whiskey

Even at first glance it’s clear that the night market in Luang Namtha has a lot to offer. Once drawn in by the noise and smells erupting from the many stalls, you quickly become a part of the vibrant communal atmosphere which sees everyone seated in the centre of the market tucking into whichever of […]

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15 Reasons Why Luang Namtha Province Is The Best Of Laos

Luang Namtha trekking

After traveling all around Southeast Asia, Laos is definitely a highlight for many, but for us coming back to Luang Namtha really hits home that this northern province is the best of Laos! Here’s why: 1. We have the BEST roads in Laos making transit far easier than the rest of the country and self […]

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Luang Namtha’s Valley Of Rice Is Very Nice

Most cities in the world have public parks with grass, a few ponds, maybe some ducks; all very landscaped and not really very natural looking…boring! Here in Luang Namtha, our “public park” (not to be confused with our huge jungle clad national protected area) is a dead flat 30 square km series of rice paddies  […]

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Things To Do In Luang Namtha When You Aren’t Out On A Tour…

It’s true that Luang Namtha is a trekking mecca and fast becoming one of the hottest trekking and cultural destinations in South East Asia, especially as people increasingly realize it offers a much more authentic, untouched experience than destinations such as Sapa in northern Vietnam or Chiang Mai in Thailand. The eco-tourism initiative in Luang […]

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Luang Namtha By Bike

Luang Namtha traffic jam

Luang Namtha town is situated in a huge rice and river covered valley; surrounded on all sides by stunning emerald green mountains. The mountains are where the Nam Ha NPA is located (and most can’t be biked up because there are no roads), but there are plenty of local attractions to see by bicycle or […]

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