Where to eat – Baw Pen Yang Art Gallery & Restaurant

I’d been in Luang Namtha almost two weeks before I stumbled upon Baw Pen Yang. A town with an indiscernible lack of easily obtainable ‘go here to eat!’ Lonely Planetesque advice (that’s where we come in); this is one that would be altogether too easy to miss lest you’re the sort prone to explore the […]

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Where to eat – Zuela Guesthouse and restaurant

The Zuela Guesthouse is rated number one in Luang Namtha on Tripadvisor but, quite understandably, most reviews focus almost entirely on the rooms. The accommodation, almost all agree, is clean, comfortable, very reasonably priced (around 80,000 kip per night at the time of writing) with friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere. There are hot showers […]

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Luang Namtha’s Jungle Food Challenge

Luang Namtha jungle food dish

Masterchef in the jungle? Food in northern Laos gets serious… Recently Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant was lucky enough to get 2 volunteers for a month, who not only taught the Lao staff there a lot about hospitality but were so excited by the abundant fresh produce available at Luang Namtha’s famous morning market, that they decided […]

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Forest Retreat’s Bamboo Lounge Restaurant = real western food

Luang Namtha's famous pizza oven

It’s official; Luang Namtha now has its own wood-fired pizza oven, it is even painted green and is decorated with Buddhas eyes, so you cannot miss it… This iconic wood fired oven made from local clay has now served up thousands of authentic Italian (and not-so-Italian) pizzas to travelers and locals alike. The wood fired […]

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Luang Namtha: Jungle Food Central

It’s a fact; Luang Namtha as well as being the most ethnically diverse province in Laos also has the most diverse range of dishes and ingredients; many of them coming directly from its vast jungled mountains. Any Lao person can walk into Luang Namtha’s jungle and come out 10 minutes later with an armful of […]

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Rambo Fusion

I would like to present Rambo Fusion with two awards, for quirkiest name and best BBQ in Luang Namtha. I guess it was the air of mystery that attracted Lizzie and I to Rambo, the name giving away little about the food and the location out of view from any road. We had been talking […]

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The Luang Namtha Fresh Market

Luang Namtha's fresh market

So you think you have seen it all at produce markets in South East Asia? Wrong! You haven’t seen the Luang Namtha fresh market; one of the coolest of the many we have seen throughout South East Asia. For a start the local ladies running the market are lovely, encouraging you to try a free […]

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Lai’s Place

Lai's food in Luang Namtha

Our friend Lai has a small restaurant in Luang Namtha simply called “Lai’s place”. Close to the main road Lai has some pretty good food on her menu. And she also has some western food that is actually done correctly. She is a young Black Tai (Tai Dam) mother of one who cooks at her […]

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