Night Market Sessions – Auntie La’s Whiskey

Even at first glance it’s clear that the night market in Luang Namtha has a lot to offer. Once drawn in by the noise and smells erupting from the many stalls, you quickly become a part of the vibrant communal atmosphere which sees everyone seated in the centre of the market tucking into whichever of […]

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Luang Namtha: Jungle Food Central

It’s a fact; Luang Namtha as well as being the most ethnically diverse province in Laos also has the most diverse range of dishes and ingredients; many of them coming directly from its vast jungled mountains. Any Lao person can walk into Luang Namtha’s jungle and come out 10 minutes later with an armful of […]

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The Luang Namtha Fresh Market

Luang Namtha's fresh market

So you think you have seen it all at produce markets in South East Asia? Wrong! You haven’t seen the Luang Namtha fresh market; one of the coolest of the many we have seen throughout South East Asia. For a start the local ladies running the market are lovely, encouraging you to try a free […]

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Market Madness

After a recent skype conversation with some good friends Nick and Amber, we promised Nick we would do a blog post on the foods at the local markets. So Nick, brace yourself, here are many, many photos of the markets. Also let it be noted, that taking photos of the meat (or should I say […]

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