An Authentic Village Experience Like No Other

Many people who come to South East Asia seek to find that unique cultural experience of an idyllic little village tucked away in the misty jungle clad mountains where people still live the way they have for thousands of years…living in bamboo and grass huts, hunting and gathering in the forest and growing seasonal crops… […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Luang Namtha Trekking Experience.

Luang Namtha now has a reputation as being one of South East Asia’s premier trekking destinations. Choosing from one of the many tour operators (12 at last count!) in Luang Namtha town and the many different tour options on offer can be a minefield…this article is intended to help you to make a good choice: […]

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Luang Namtha’s World Famous Nam Ha NPA (National Protected Area)

Beautiful Namha NPA in Luang Namtha

The biggest natural allure of Luang Namtha province has got to be the Nam Ha NPA (also commonly misspelt as NamHa NPA) which was Lao’s first national park and an ASEAN national heritage site. It is the second biggest national park in Laos at 222,400 square hectares which is a huge amount of the provinces […]

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Welcome to Luang Namtha Guide

Hello!!  Our names are Andrej and Karen Brummer.  We have been in Luang Namtha now on and off for about 7 months.  We are totally, utterly in love with this place, and want to stay here as long as we can.  Before our first time here, we spent time on the internet searching for information […]

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Kayaking in the Nam Ha NPA

Laos kayaking, Luang Namtha kayaking, South East Asia kayaking

Thong phoned us a couple of nights ago to invite us to go kayaking on the Nam Tha and Nam Ha rivers in the NPA (National Protected Area).  We jumped at the chance to go on the famed river. The Nam Ha river was even more beautiful than we imagined – definitely, without doubt the […]

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