The Slow Boat vs. Northern Laos

There are 2 popular ways to get to Luang Prabang, Laos from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand: The slow boat; a crammed, diesel chugging, sweltering jaunt down the increasingly developed Mekong river including passing through dams and sitting on hard wooden seats for 2 days solid. Venturing overland via Luang Namtha through […]

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How To Get To Luang Namtha?

Nam Tha river and the Nam Ha NPA jungle

Naturally beautiful and ethnically diverse Luang Namtha province is situated at the northwest tip of Laos with Luang Namtha town and the famous Nam Ha national park at its centre. It is a town with many choices for accommodation and places to eat and provides an excellent base to get out and explore the surrounding […]

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Rice Planting Season

Luang Namtha rice planting season

May and June represent rice planting season here in Luang Namtha, and also marks the beginning of the most beautiful time of year here. The planting of the rice itself is incredibly hard work – the fields need to be turned, re-shaped, water needs to be channelled in, the small plants are planted, and then […]

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Rainy Season in Luang Namtha

Rainy season sunset over the rice fields

Rainy season has well and truly arrived here in Luang Namtha, with the days generally being warm to hot, and then being cooled by a welcome rain that usually lasts less than an hour. We don’t get the monsoon rains here that many other parts of South East Asia get, our wet season means that […]

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Dragon Boat Racing Festival

Dragon Boat Racing on the Nam Tha river, Luang Namtha

The tradition of racing Dragon Boats began when the day after the Buddhist Lent ceremony and Loi Krotung ceremony everyone would race down the river to the temple. These days, people walk, bicycle, motorbike or travel in a car to attend the famous event.  The Nam Tha river in Luang Namtha was lined with more […]

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Hmong tribe

Beautiful Hmong Children in Luang Namtha

In Laos there are many ‘minority’ tribes – so called because they are not ethnic Lao, however minority tribes make up over 55% of Lao’s population so while individually the tribes are a minority, collectively they are in fact the majority.  With over 230 different ethnic tribes in northern Laos alone, I will cover first […]

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Papaya Restaurant

Luang Namtha fried noodles with tofu

** Update 2013 – Papaya Restaurant is now closed ** One of our favourite retaurants in Luang Namtha is Papaya Restaurant.  In fact some of the best Lao food in town is found at Papaya.  Moneylin is a fantastic chef – learning to cook at her families retaurant in Thakek (southern Laos) at the age […]

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Phagneung Phoukulom Waterfall

Phagneung Phoukulom Waterfall in Luang Namtha Province

About and hour from Luang Namtha by road which winds through the beautiful National Protected Area is Phagneung Phoukulom Waterfall.  The walk into the waterfall is just under 1 kilometre and is mainly a level easy walk, with some small inclines and a few stairs to nagivate.  This is the only place where you can […]

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Abundant Life in Luang Namtha

I am constantly amazed by Luang Namtha.  Every direction you look in, life is abundant – spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars,  beetles, unidentified insects and more are found all the time here.  Entomologists flock to Luang Namtha province because it is well known to them that if you want to discover a new species (or ten!), […]

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Kao Rao Cave

Vieng Poukha, Luang Namtha Cave

Kao Rao Cave is about an hour our of Luang Namtha, near a small town called Vieng Poukha.  When we visited this cave we were thoroughly impressed; not only is it easy to navigate with a guide, the walking ‘path’ through the cave is mostly level and flat, with only a couple of sections where […]

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