Things To Do In Luang Namtha When You Aren’t Out On A Tour…

It’s true that Luang Namtha is a trekking mecca and fast becoming one of the hottest trekking and cultural destinations in South East Asia, especially as people increasingly realize it offers a much more authentic, untouched experience than destinations such as Sapa in northern Vietnam or Chiang Mai in Thailand. The eco-tourism initiative in Luang […]

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Sightseeing Around Luang Namtha Town On 2 Wheels

Luang Namtha attractions

This blog post is inspired by one of our most common questions at Forest Retreat Laos from tourists to Luang Namtha “what is there to see and do around the town on bicycle?”… Luang Namtha town is situated on the western side of a huge, flat valley surrounded 360° by green, rolling mountains (with the […]

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Luang Namtha By Bike

Luang Namtha traffic jam

Luang Namtha town is situated in a huge rice and river covered valley; surrounded on all sides by stunning emerald green mountains. The mountains are where the Nam Ha NPA is located (and most can’t be biked up because there are no roads), but there are plenty of local attractions to see by bicycle or […]

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Chantimieng Guesthouse

Muang Sing Accommodation, Chantimieng Guesthouse

Chantimieng Guesthouse is in a fantastic location in Muang Sing, right in the centre of town but also off the main road.  When you arrive into Muang Sing, you come to the first criss-cross intersection, and turn right.  Walk for about 50 metres, and here it is. Next to Chantimieng is a rice paddy restaurant, […]

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Nam De Waterfall

Nam De Waterfall in Luang Namtha, Northern Laos

About 5 minutes out of Luang Namtha town is a pretty waterfall named Nam De, meaning Good Water.  It’s a popular place to visit because it’s so close to town yet so far away – once there you feel like you are a million miles from any kind of modern conveniences and you’re surrounded by […]

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