Luang Namtha’s New Amandra Villa

Luang namtha Accomodation

Want to stay somewhere in Luang Namtha with a touch of class? The newly opened Amandra Villa could be a great option for you. It is located on the main road about 400m from the centre of town (towards the airport) close to where all the restaurants, major banks and night market are. Amandra Villa […]

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Luang Namtha’s Jungle Food Challenge

Luang Namtha jungle food dish

Masterchef in the jungle? Food in northern Laos gets serious… Recently Bamboo Lounge Training Restaurant was lucky enough to get 2 volunteers for a month, who not only taught the Lao staff there a lot about hospitality but were so excited by the abundant fresh produce available at Luang Namtha’s famous morning market, that they decided […]

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Luang Namtha’s Valley Of Rice Is Very Nice

Most cities in the world have public parks with grass, a few ponds, maybe some ducks; all very landscaped and not really very natural looking…boring! Here in Luang Namtha, our “public park” (not to be confused with our huge jungle clad national protected area) is a dead flat 30 square km series of rice paddies  […]

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Buddhist Lent ending celebrations continue…

Loi Krotung festival in Luang Namtha

Wow, what an amazing evening we had letting off lantens, watching the ‘rocket’ fireworks and seeing the first boats – the same boats that we put our offerings to the temple in this morning – be launched into the river for good luck. We also set banana tree & flower ‘boats’ into the water, the […]

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Hmong tribe

Beautiful Hmong Children in Luang Namtha

In Laos there are many ‘minority’ tribes – so called because they are not ethnic Lao, however minority tribes make up over 55% of Lao’s population so while individually the tribes are a minority, collectively they are in fact the majority.  With over 230 different ethnic tribes in northern Laos alone, I will cover first […]

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Papaya Restaurant

Luang Namtha fried noodles with tofu

** Update 2013 – Papaya Restaurant is now closed ** One of our favourite retaurants in Luang Namtha is Papaya Restaurant.  In fact some of the best Lao food in town is found at Papaya.  Moneylin is a fantastic chef – learning to cook at her families retaurant in Thakek (southern Laos) at the age […]

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Last week in Luang Namtha for now

Karen and Dre - Luang Namtha Guide

The following is a blog post we wrote before setting up Luang Namtha Guide, to share some of our experiences here in Luang Namtha. We have travelled with chickens before, goslings, songbirds, a goat, but never before a pig. Until now. It started off alright, we found out on the morning we left that we […]

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One year in Asia

One year ago today, 10th June 2010, we landed in Bali and began our Asian Adventure. In the past year, we have seen and experienced more than we could have imagined before we left home. The year has been filled with contrasts – both highlights and lowlights, too many to mention, but here are a […]

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Project Laos: Helping Luang Namtha

For a while now we have been making plans to help the people of Luang Namtha with their trekking agencies, and teach them what tourists are looking for, how to market the business and how to attract people in and most importantly, to tell tourists what is unique about their own trekking agencies.  So for […]

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Chilling in Luang Namtha

We have spent a week or so riding around again, we decided we should try to see the old stupa, the Lao Lao distillery, and the local handicraft village. So far, we only managed the first one, because we rode around for an entire day trying to find the other 2 places (with a map!) […]

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